Our invisa-RED™ is the only FDA-approved and clinically proven device designed to transform your body by achieving weight reduction, fat reduction, and inch loss. Our cutting-edge technology harnesses the power of specific frequencies from red and infrared laser light energy, delivering precise and scalable weight loss results.

Penetrating tissue to a depth of approximately 40mm, invisa-RED™ is highly effective for treating surface-related concerns such as cellulite, stretch marks, skin elasticity, collagen production, wrinkles, acne, and targeted fat reduction.

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invisa-RED™ technology works wonders by stimulating cellular respiration, enhancing lymphatic function, and boosting metabolism through the synthesis of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Using dual coherent laser wavelengths, red at 680nm and infrared at 980nm, we initiate photobiostimulation within the cellular metabolism.

The pulsed laser energy, combined with the interference from these coherent wavelengths, ensures higher energy density and deeper penetration into subcutaneous adipose tissue, effectively targeting fat cells and supercharging your metabolism. The heated subcutaneous fat is used as an energy source, facilitating transfer of nutrients and oxygen to your cells, and the toxins and waste are eliminated from your body through the lymphatic system via urine and sweat.


Our treatment sessions last a mere 15 to 20 minutes, during which the pulsed laser energy accelerates and replicates the metabolic process. The absorbed heat further enhances collagen and elastin production, leading to tighter, healthier skin and a reduction in stretch marks. Increased collagen production strengthens connective tissues, effectively eliminating cellulite from the targeted area.

The heightened blood flow, thanks to increased hemoglobin, transports waste products and toxins away from adipose cells into the bloodstream for efficient removal from your body.

The applicators allow us to treat multiple areas of the body, essentially anywhere front or back of the body from the chin down.


invisa-RED™ ensures a comfortable and non-harmful experience for your cells. Treatments are non-invasive and take only 15-20 minutes, delivering substantial and immediate results.

Within just two minutes of treatment, fat cells release water, glycerol, triglycerides, and toxins, most of which are utilized as an energy source due to the supercharged metabolism. The remainder is excreted via the lymphatic system through urine and sweat.

Your supercharged metabolism continues to burn fat for several hours after each treatment, much like the effects of high-intensity exercise and strength training.


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Are there contraindications?

invisa-RED™ is not recommended for use on those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, have diabetes or active cancer, or those with electronic implants (like pacemakers).
Our treatment uses Low-Level Laser Diodes, which are safe, concentrated light sources that produce specific therapeutic wavelengths of light. This ensures the benefits of light therapy without any adverse side effects.

Do I need time off?

No specific preparation is required. We do recommend that you are hydrated for your session, and have avoided alcohol and caffeine as much as possible for 24 hours prior to your session. Be sure to tell us about your health concerns or medications before your treatment.
Additionally, you can resume all normal activities, including exercise, immediately after each treatment.

Does one session work?

We understand that each individual is unique, and their results may vary, but most people will notice inch loss and body reshaping in their first visit. Factors such as the type of service, treatment site, skin tone, and the severity of the issue all play a crucial role in achieving optimal results. Unlike single-frequency machines with one-size-fits-all protocols, invisa-RED™ offers a tailored approach to ensure consistency and effectiveness.

Is it worth it for me?

The clinical studies show invisa-RED™ is effective to reduce fat, tighten and tone, and stimulate weight loss. Every body is different and every patient should weigh potential benefits, risks, and costs of the treatment for themselves.
As for cost, pricing information is available in the office and discounts are available when packages are paid in full.


Contact us to experience the invisa-RED™ difference today and embark on your journey to a transformed, confident you.
Say goodbye to unwanted fat and hello to a healthier, happier you.

** invisa-RED™ is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. It is most effective when used as part of a comprehensive approach that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise.